History and Know-How

Giorgio Giuman workshop combines wax casting to Murano art glass manufacturing.

Since 1980 our workshop specialises in glass micro-fusion. Here, professional glass workers, sculptors, designers and artist can perfectly reproduce their works into glass without limits to creativity or shape. We are able to riproduce in glass alla round 3D objects, bas-reliefs, hallow and intricate shapes of almost any size and weight.

Thanks to Giorgio’s long technical experience ad personal end passionate experimentation, many internationally known artist, architects and designers have realised here some of their creations with spectacular results.

A wax casting is made from the original object.

At this point, the sculptor (the designer, the artist) can intervene on his “opera” adding or removing parts of it. The wax casting is covered by a refractory dough and cooked. Due to the heat, the wax melts, leaving a hollow space which is filled with liquid glass. The final mould is now ready to cook in the glass oven. When cooking is completed the mould is broken and the “opera” cleaned and minutely hand polished with the diamond wheel. The glass reproduction is made!


Linea Giuman di Giuman Giorgio

14, Localita’ Sacca Serenella, Venezia, VE 30100, Italy

MON - FRI 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

SAT 8:00 – 12:00 AM


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Giorgio Giuman has been a long time collaborator of the projects of many artists, but there is one that is always present in the studio. It is the Honey Garden project by the New York based artist Judi Harvest. In artists own words: "March 21, 2013, I began the Honey Garden on the grounds of the Linea Arianna glass factory in Sacca Serenella as the permanent part of my site specific installation, “Denatured: Honeybees + Murano.” Six boatloads of soil, 100 carpets of sod, 500 flowering plants, 30 fruit trees, a crane and a 100 year old pomegranate tree later, we installed 4 honeybee families in brightly colored hives. By August, 2013 the garden produced over 60 nectarines and 60 kilos of honey, pomegranates and picnics.”